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6 Clues That The Time is Coming for Mom & Dad to Move

6 Clues That The Time is Coming for Mom & Dad to Move

–Things are not getting done: repairs are put off until later; stuff is put down and left to pile up; gardening and landscaping are neglected; the home is looking shabby.

–No one is cooking: fast food containers appear, or packaged meals; Mom & Dad are starting to look skinny; the refrigerator has moldy items in it & it smells.

–Tidiness is being displaced: beds unmade; laundry is not being done; there seems to be an odor.

–”Accidents happen”: fender benders; falls.

–”It’s too much trouble”: to change clothes; to shower; everything.

–”I just don’t have the Oompf”: gets tired easily; can’t remember things; have not been feeling so good lately; etc.

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